Personal Growth

Truth be told, I have to say I am a little bit disappointed in myself lately. Somewhere along the line, I allowed myself to get unmotivated. Now, I’m going to have to push myself, and if planning a wedding isn’t enough motivation, I’m not sure what is. I keep hearing…”It’s a year away. You have plenty of time.” But fact of the matter is, there is so much involved in the planning process. A year really isn’t much time. There are so many things to consider. So many details that have to be thought out. In order to make this day a memorable one, I am going to have to get busy now.

One of the most important details that I need to start working on is myself. It’s no secret that I have not been happy with my weight or appearance for a very long time now. Instead of using that as my fuel to kick myself into high gear, I have let it defeat me. I allowed myself to sit and think and feel sorry for myself, only proving that this does no one any good. It makes me moody, it makes everyone around me moody. I don’t know where along the line I let myself think that I was weak. There was a time when working out was a priority. I couldn’t get through a day without some form of physical activity. I need to find that part of me again, and push myself. I have a lot to work for. Soon enough I will be trying on dresses and there is nothing worse than finding that perfect dress and knowing you will not look good in it.

So the journey begins. A year until the wedding, a lifetime of better health and the satisfaction of knowing that I worked super hard to accomplish the goals that I am setting for myself. It may mean having to put a few things on the back burner, but I suppose that is all a part of life. Tackling the things you can when you can. It’s all a part of the journey.

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